About Builders and Contractors Magazine

Builders and Contractors Magazine has been the leading NZ building magazine and construction news source for 25 years. Covering a wide assortment of industry news sectors such as: facilities management, architecture and design, structural and civil engineering, mechanical and electrical contracting, energy and utilities, property management, property development, scaffolding, and concrete for both housing and commercial properties.

“Through a combined print and online readership in excess of 30,000 industry professionals, Builders and Contractors Magazine is the number one source for NZ building news, developments and case studies. As such, the magazine offers the ideal channel for businesses looking to talk about their services on a national scale, in an entirely business to business format.”

Stewart Smith Publisher Builders and Contractors Magazine

Incorporating all aspects of the building sector, Builders and Contractors Magazine is a keen champion of corporate responsibility values across all areas of building, infrastructure, maintenance, property management and associated works. Not only highlighting the overarching building news topics, the magazine also highlights other, more specific areas such as: property news, facilities management news, architecture news, engineering news and also general business news.

Key topics of focus for features in Builders and Contractors Magazine also then focus around some of the key topics prominent from a construction news perspective, such as health and safety, environmental management, sustainability, local community projects, training and apprenticeships, and waste management. As such, the magazine champions all areas of corporate social responsibility, providing food for thought on how your business too, can operate more responsibly.

As one of the industry’s leading NZ Building News sources, featuring in Builders and Contractors Magazine is the perfect channel through which to promote what you, as a business, and as an industry professional, are doing. We’re always keen to engage with construction industry leaders, regularly featuring both small and large construction enterprises, all the way through to the top 10 construction companies in NZ.

Most specifically, Builders and Contractors Magazine provides the perfect opportunity to talk about any recent building industry awards, certification, and push the envelope on your corporate social responsibility values. Additionally, we are always keen to talk about what makes your company special, highlighting any and all unique selling points synonymous with your business. This can then be presented as a featured article to combine information on your business with that of the latest NZ construction news, information and developments.

“Should you wish to showcase your business and provide commentary on the latest construction news topics, you can feature in Builders and Contractors Magazine entirely free of charge. As a leading NZ building magazine, we have a great reputation throughout the construction sector for featuring detailed case studies and company spotlights, as well as reporting on the latest NZ building news.”

Stewart Smith Publisher Builders and Contractors Magazine

Due to our enviable position in the industry, we at Builders and Contractors Magazine are able to provide extensive coverage in our magazine and news pages at no cost to you, the modern construction company. Through our approach to trade publishing, we are able to network with key contractors, suppliers and service providers with which you work to source supplementary, supporting advertising alongside your article.

This approach essentially allows us to provide the feature space at no charge to yourself, and also allow us to scale up the space we can provide in the magazine in line with the amount of support you receive. Promotion by association, as they say, is the past, present and future of advertising.

Contributing to Builders and Contractors

Through Builders and Contractors, we are keen to report on the latest NZ building news, aiming to keep our readers both happy and informed. As such, there are a number of key construction industry topics which we focus upon, including: property news, facilities management news, housing news, architecture news, engineering news and more; effectively, looking to provide a comprehensive source of all the latest NZ construction news.

Much of the content produced in Builders and Contractors is done so through research undertaken by our team of journalists, who then provide information on the latest NZ building news topics for our readers. If, however you would like to contribute to Builders and Contractors then we would be happy to work with you, and your organisation to publish professional commentary and opinion on the latest construction news items and topics.

Of course, all content submitted to Builders and Contractors Magazine’s must be provided as unique copy so that we can present our readers with a unique source of NZ building news and construction industry commentary unavailable elsewhere. In return, however, we are happy to provide author by-lines and credits to the relevant writers of articles to feature on our news pages.

We do require that all content submitted is also purely of editorial opinion content in nature. Articles submitted for advertising purposes or those deemed to constitute advertorial content, such as the promotion of services and product ranges, are in effect, chargeable. For more information, please get in touch with us.