Not All Products Certification Schemes Are Created Equal

When it comes to selecting construction steels, ensuring that they conform with the appropriate New Zealand and Australian standards is critical.

What’s more, it’s simply not enough to think that just because steel has been ordered to a New Zealand or Australian standard that the delivered product will automatically conform with that standard and be fit for purpose.

Increasingly, this is not the case: The product may meet the standard; it may be supplied with documents for “an equivalent standard” (but which standard and is it really equivalent?) or; it may not meet any standard at all.

With the building products being used on construction sites now sourced globally, the importance of independent technical validation of materials conformance, and awareness of consequences of failure of these materials, has never been greater.

Unfortunately, in some instances, one of the major problems associated with the selection and use of materials that comply with all relevant standards is one of identification, or, more specifically, who or what to believe. The same applies for ‘product certification’.

ACRS makes it easy

ACRS certification makes checking for compliance with the relevant New Zealand and Australian standards easy.

It demonstrates independently and expertly that the supplier consistently meets the standards stated on the certificate.

Beyond checking the supplier’s ACRS certificate, product markings and tags, there’s no need for you to make any further checks on ACRS certified materials.

  • No more checking materials’ properties against technical specifications
  • No more checking batch numbers against the test certificates.

The bottom line… with ACRS it’s easy for your suppliers, easy for your customers and easy for you!

Aren’t test certificates the same thing?

Test certificates are not the same as ACRS independent certification.

Test certificates from the supplier are simply a “snapshot” of the manufacturer’s own test results of the material on the certificate, not its regular supply.

ACRS certification demonstrates independently and expertly that the supplier manufactures consistently to the standards stated on the certificate.

Unless you are going to check and validate every single test certificate against every delivery, you should check the ACRS certificates for the
manufacturer and supplier instead.

For further information about the validity of certification for any materials being supplied into your project, please visit the ACRS website:, or contact ACRS, Phone: +61 2 9965 7216.

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