Published for 25 years, Builders and Contractors magazine is the longest running independent publication catering to the construction industry in New Zealand.

Distribution is by way of a sophisticated database of targeted decision makers in the industry and it is also available in most NZ hardware stores, with solid visitor numbers to our online digital magazine and archives.

From self-employed builders, construction company executives and related trades the publication is the most well-known and well-read magazine in the New Zealand Industry.

A rebranding and new digital platform was introduced in Spring 2016 to ensure the readers are receiving up to date and vital information so necessary in this day and age. Therefore our advertisers are being transported right to the core of all the major decision makers.

Most of New Zealand’s major and smaller product suppliers find Builders and Contractors a perfect vehicle to obtain enquiries and sales results that creates many repeat advertisers.

  • Builders and Contractors delivers a very focused and selective professional demographic in our audience.
  • The primary readers of Builders and Contractors are middle and senior management who exercise a great deal of purchasing behaviour in appropriate product categories.
  • The ability of advertisers to get a good return on their advertising investment is influenced, of course, by the effectiveness of the ad, but probably even more significantly by how smart the media placements are for the ad. Builders and Contractors is in a specifically targeted market which provides an opportunity for a positive ROI.
  • Builders and Contractors typically delivers reader audiences that not only are very much focused on professional demographics but have the professional behaviour relevant to appropriate advertisers.