CCNZ National Awards

The following people and companies were recognised at the national awards ceremonies during the CCNZ annual conference in early August.


Category 1:  Projects with a value up to $1M 

Winner Groundfix – Waterview Tunnel

The Waterview Tunnel is a $1.4 billion project being delivered for the NZ Government by NZTA and a consortium of contractors working as the “Well Connected Alliance”.

During the first tunnel drive, high ground water flows were experienced near the tunnel midpoint where cross passages were to be constructed.  Work within the cross tunnel passages during excavation and lining processes would have been extremely difficult without a reduction of these ground water flows.

A project to drill through the tunnel lining to within 300 mm of the adjacent tunnel wall and pressure grout the rock fissures between the tunnels was entrusted to Groundfix.  Groundfix performed this work in a timely, efficient way, working with the client to reduce cost and be safe and environmentally friendly.

Highly Commended – Bridge It NZ – Pedestrian Bridge


Category 2:  Projects with a value between $1M and $10M

Winner McConnell Dowell Constructors – Waitaki Dam

Meridian Energy is upgrading this power station to give it another 80 years of life. McConnell Dowell was engaged to resolve erosion problems on the right bank and sluice pier while the station maintained its full power generation.

Through all phases from planning to delivery they engaged fully with the client and used very robust processes to identify and manage the risks around working within an operating station, managing the difficulties and challenges of construction and in ensuring the quality required was delivered. The client was very pleased with the outcome and delivery on time.

Highly Commended – Downer NZ – Bridge 28 Mid Railbeam Replacement Project


Category 3:  Projects with a value between $10M and $50M 

Winner HEB Construction – Wero Whitewater Park

The Wero Whitewater Park project by HEB Construction exemplifies what can be achieved when Client and Contractor have trust in one another and work collaboratively to develop a project solution for a “first in the country” project, combining their talents with those of numerous consultants and suppliers to achieve a world standard outcome.

This project for the Second Nature Charitable Trust, involved the development of a world-class whitewater facility with a short course able to be used as a recreational facility by the general public and a long course with the capacity to be used for Olympic level canoe and kayak slalom events.


Category 4:  Projects with a value of $50M plus 

Winner Downer NZ – Holcim import cement terminals contract

The Holcim Import Cement Terminals are a fine example of client, contractor and consultant working together with specialist offshore suppliers to successfully implement new and unique technology in the construction of cement storage facilities in New Zealand.

This project by Downer for Holcim involved construction of two new cement import terminals located in Auckland and Timaru.  They comprise of 30,000 tonne cement storage domes, ship unloading and truck loading facilities and associated systems for pneumatic transport of the cement. The domes, which are up to 32m high and 45m in diameter, were constructed of reinforced shotcrete using an inflated industrial fabric as the formwork.


Category 5:  Excellence in the maintenance and management of assets

Winner Auckland Motorway Alliance – Auckland Motorway Alliance

The Auckland Motorway Alliance is an organisation created from the NZTA, Fulton Hogan, BECA, OPUS,  Resolve Group and Armitage Systems.   

Starting in 2008 the Alliance has worked to constantly refine and improve systems and methodologies resulting in reducing costs while maintaining or improving levels of service.

The Alliance is an excellent example of what can be achieved to improve efficiencies and service levels through strategic thinking and collaboration while still responding to the needs of motorway users.

Z People Awards

Hugh Johnstone from Johnstone Construction Auckland.

Hugh Johnstone from Johnstone Construction Auckland.

Joseph Beskalo from Ross Reid Contractors Auckland

Joseph Beskalo from Ross Reid Contractors Auckland

Emerging Leader Award – Winner  Hugh Johnstone from Johnstone Construction Auckland

Runner Up  Daniel McKessar from Fulton Hogan Auckland

Training Development Award

Winner Joseph Beskalo from Ross Reid Contractors Auckland.

Runner Up Stacey Walker from Fulton Hogan Waikato

Connexis Company Awards

Under $10M Turnover – Winner Construction Contracts Limited from Wellington

Under $10M Turnover – Winner Texco Group from Christchurch

$25M + Turnover – Winner Higgins Contractors from Palmerston North

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