Celebrating 20 Years of pumping prowes

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Celebrating 20 years of pumping prowes

Concrete Pumping Equipment NZ Ltd (CPENZ) is proud to celebrate its twentieth year as the leading provider of concrete pumping equipment and spare parts for New Zealand. It’s been quite a journey!

The business was formed in 2003 due to a shortage of spare parts and machinery unable to be sourced locally. In time, CPENZ transitioned from a concrete pumping service to an independent concrete pump and spare parts distributor. 20 years on and CPENZ have delivered over 250 concrete pumping related machines across New Zealand’s construction industry, including placing, spraying, conveying, and mixing machines.

Over the past 20 years CPENZ has built a strong network of relationships. Some of these key agencies and their machines include Putzmeister for concrete and mortar machinery, SANY concrete machinery, Aliva Shotcrete equipment, and Baron epoxy mixers and conveyors. CPENZ also works with other leading industry manufacturers such as Continental concrete hoses and Inotec plaster and grout machines.

New Zealand is a small country where reputation, knowledge, and integrity take precedent. Concrete Pumping Equipment NZ Ltd appreciate this. CPENZ pride themselves on providing the best sales, service, and support, striving to keep their name as the best in the business.

CPENZ employees collaborate to form a melting pot of expertise from several industries – concrete pumping, ready mix, automotive, hydraulic, sales – you name it. CPENZ’ family-based business philosophy has never wavered. The CPENZ team may be small, but it is strong, focused, and ready to tackle any challenge it may face.

Putzmeister sole agent for 20 years

Concrete Pumping Equipment NZ Ltd are proud to have represented Putzmeister in New Zealand for 20 years.

A member of the SANY Group, Putzmeister has long been the preferred choice for construction related concrete pumping equipment. CPENZ and Putzmeister work as a collective to develop, produce, sell, and serve customers. They provide high quality, reliable machines for pumping, distributing, and placing concrete and mortar. They also can prepare, temporarily store, process, and transport these materials, which only speaks to the quality of their services.

CPENZ carries an inventory of over 25,000 spare parts at any given time. CPENZ meet urgent deadlines by placing weekly shipments all across the globe. They offer genuine OEM spare parts and accessories that you know will deliver a long-lasting, high-quality performance. That means greater savings and less downtime in the long run.

Staying up-to-date with the latest in Putzmeister machinery, technology, and maintenance has its benefits. From improved safety and machine lifespans to lower costs and inefficiencies, CPENZ sees and adds value to Putzmeister products. CPENZ also make the most of their network of peers, instructors, and other companies, offering shared industry knowledge.

Point of difference

CPENZ has its finger on the pulse of technological innovation. They stay constantly updated per the latest and greatest research and development. CPENZ strive to meet the ever-demanding requirements of the changing market by continually surveying, upgrading, and outsourcing the next best tech. CPENZ have the ability to customize their equipment to the exact needs of the customer. They provide effective, long-term, simple solutions to complex problems thanks to their hardy and versatile machines.

CPENZ are active and effective in their partnering with clients on projects, helping them to deliver on their promises without fail. CPENZ have access to a vast range of expertise, pulling from their close-knit network of partners from around the world.

Looking into the future

Supported by SANY, Putzmeister have been successfully working to reduce carbon emissions within the international concrete industry. Putzmeister was the first manufacturer in the world to launch a zeroemission concrete pump with the iONTRON Hybrid – a game-changing innovation.

Now joining the list of electric vehicle options is the iONTRON E-Mixer, a readymix truck and mixer combination. The iONTRON E-Mixer is 100% electric and is ideal for inner city, urban deliveries. It’s the next generation of world-class machinery.

Thank you

Concrete Pumping Equipment NZ Ltd wishes to thank all of their loyal customers who have supported them since their conception. They offer a massive thanks to all those who have remained loyal to them and the brands that they represent.

CPENZ intends to remain focused by keeping their promises and delivering above and beyond their customers’ expectations. The future looks bright for CPENZ, and its only getting better.

For more information, visit CPENZ’ website: cpenz.co.nz. Contact the team at 06 368 4044 or email them via their website. Concrete Pumping Equipment NZ Ltd operate 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday from 47 South Road, Levin.

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