Demolition and recycling experts

The staff at Ward Demolition are leaders in the demolition industry, and they’re at the forefront in demolition, resource recovery and salvaging.

Ward Demolition offers professional advice backed by over 25 years’ experience, whether it’s about the demolition of your house or commercial building or the removal of asbestos and contaminated soil.

In regards to COVID-19, Ward Demolition is back working while adhering to the strictest Health and Safety guidelines. Director and founder of Ward Demolition, Peter Ward says at the end of the day, it’s still a demolition construction service company.

With a quarry in Waikato and an extensive trucking fleet, the team will do whatever they can and act accordingly.

With more than 70 excavators ranging in size from one tonne to 70 tonnes, as well as a haulage fleet consisting of 25 trucks and trailers, Ward Demolition is equipped for any job, big or small.

Ward Demolition’s values

One of Ward Demolition’s main values is sustainability and the environment – the belief that demolition is the first step in sustainable building, and using that belief to provide waste materials that can be repurposed into something new for the construction industry.

Using intelligent logistics planning, like ensuring its trucks are always travelling full to minimise wasteful use of resources, is one-way Ward Demolition works smarter.

With the ability to process waste material both on and off-site, some of its projects have reached recycling targets of up to 96 percent of salvaged material by weight.

It’s done by integrating the capabilities of the company’s specialised units.

Ward Demolition is also a member of Green Star, and it understands first-hand that demolition, recycling and the use of recycled materials can contribute to more sustainable building and use.


The company is expanding into new territory beyond its normally demolition work and recycling services.

“We’re looking at getting into firewood too. We have a firewood business we are cultivating. We’re looking at gearing up and doing firewood, doing whatever we can,” Peter says.

From project planning through to recycling, Ward Demolition is known as New Zealand’s leading demolition company for a reason.

Whether you need classic construction demolition services or specialist services such as emergency response and soil remediation, the experience team at Ward Demolition is here to help.

Safe removal of contaminants

Current intensive development and construction trends involves significantly more ‘brown-field’ development activity, resulting in the removal of existing buildings and associated contaminants, such as asbestos and asbestos-containing materials (ACM) soils.

Ward Demolition is a registered remover of Class A asbestos and ACM materials, and provides leading-edge experience in this field, as well as subsequent demolition.

Commitment to recycling

Ward Demolition recycles as much building materials as possible, with up to 85 percent of demolished material diverted from landfills.

In its demolition of the Downtown Shopping Centre project in Auckland, the company removed a total of 9,519 tons of material and recycled 84.3 percent of it, meaning about 8,000 tons of demolition materials were diverted from landfills.

The company still aims to achieve even higher rates of re-cycling and waste minimisation in its projects going forward.

Salvaged timber can be cleaned and prepared for use based on a customer’s specification.

Recycled timber can be used in flooring, sarking or mouldings, adding character while minimising environmental impact.

The company has a demolition salvage yard containing a huge variety of recycled building materials salvaged from demolition sites. It has a dedicated team managing the salvage, sorting and on-sale of these items, which range from native timbers through to aluminium joinery, steel, roofing iron, doors and bricks.

Wherever possible, the company involves community groups that may be interested in re-using materials from buildings destined for demolition.

Huge range of demolition resources Ward Demolition is a deconstruction artist, spanning the commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

The deconstruction of a building usually involves salvaging items for clients or recycling, removing asbestos and asbestoscontaining materials (ACMs), and hard demolition of the remaining structures.

The company possesses a huge resource of knowledge and expertise, which are based around excellent methodologies and project management, backed by an impressive stable of machinery, equipment and large plant.

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