From small beginnings to one of Auckland’s largest

Henderson Demolition has come a long way since it was formed in 1999 with a handful of employees. It is now one of the largest demolition companies in Auckland.

Glenn Henderson had a hankering to build his own business and in 1999, after working in demolition, he set up his own company with much of the initial work “stripping out” interiors.

That involved removing all fittings, walls and ceilings in a building space to leave the new tenant with a clear space to fit-out.

As the company’s workload grew, it began to invest in more machinery and widen the scope of its projects and skills to include residential and small commercial building demolitions.

In early 2007 Glenn hired marine engineer Rikki Jones to be the company’s new general manager. And, in 2008 and 2009, the company won two large tenders which introduced it to a couple of high-profile Auckland organisations.

The first job in 2008 was stripping out offices, removing mezzanine floors and baggage carousels, and some structural demolition for Auckland Airport.

The second in 2008-09 was demolishing a landlocked, two-storey building at Middlemore Hospital. There was no access, so the demolition team had to create a twometre wide access.

The building, made of concrete, steel and timber, was demolished by hand and the team used wheelbarrows and a “dingo” — a mini bobcat—to carry the material outside.

These projects established Henderson Demolition’s reputation for successfully tackling tricky jobs which others shied away from.

“Both of these projects were difficult because the buildings were used by hundreds of people and the work presented hazards that had to be very carefully managed,” Rikki says.

“We have built up a strong base of key clients in the construction sector who have contributed to the growth of the company,” he says.

Nowadays Henderson Demolition employs over 70 people and hires scores of other contract staff. It tackles big and small jobs, from the knocking down of a garden shed to the demolition of a high-rise.

“We don’t strive to be the biggest. That’s not a goal. We actively strive to be the best,” Rikki says.

“While Henderson Demolition is now a large company, we still maintain the culture and values of a family business. As a result, a lot of our staff are loyal and long serving. We invest a lot in their training and in health and safety because this is a hazardous business and health and safety is everything.” During the last decade it has completed several projects at Auckland Airport, including the upgrading the Auckland International Airport terminal—carrying out structural and non-structural demolition for a huge refit of the terminal.

No matter what your project, you can rest assured it be in the best hands with Henderson Demolition.

The company’s specialist residential, industrial and commercial demolition team will impress you with their formidable work ethic and strong commitment to each job, no matter the size.

Services provided:

  • Demolition
  • Asbestos removal
  • Concrete cutting
  • Resource recovery.

Henderson Demolition
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