What to consider before committing to demolition work

Author: Angelo

Some relevant info for people considering demolition work is: any properties built before the year 2000 will need to have a demolition asbestos survey done by a competent person, preferably a licensed asbestos assessor.

It is a legal requirement that any asbestos in a property is identified before demolition work takes place so it can be removed safely.

There is also a chance that other asbestos will be found as work progresses e.g. as packers in the house foundations or under concrete pads. If this is the case work will need to stop until it has been professionally removed.

Asbestos removal falls in to two categories: Class A (friable asbestos) and Class B (nonfriable asbestos). All Class A and more than 10 sqm of Class B asbestos need to be removed by an appropriately licensed asbestos remover.

Regarding trees and garden areas on the property – it is important that the client discusses with the demo contractor if they want to retain particular trees or garden areas. Some may not be able to be saved if they are too close to the house.

Salvage is another problem area; if a client wants to retain any house materials, they should discuss this during the pricing process.

Also please allow time for power removal, as the relevant power company must be asked to remove power for demolition – it’s not enough just to sign out of a property.

Sometimes it can take a few weeks for power to be removed and demolition work cannot start until this has been done.

Another hidden cost is traffic management. If the property is on a main road there may be the additional cost of a council approved traffic management plan.

We should also mention managing waste – demo contractors sort waste as much as they can to minimize the amount going to landfill.

Salvage materials are removed for resale as much as possible. Scrap metal, concrete, shingle and green waste are dumped separately.

We operate the Pumphouse Demolition Yard where we recycle bricks, aluminum joinery, flooring, corrugated iron, doors, windows, bathroom/kitchen fittings and other materials.

The cost of landfill dumping affects demolition costing and there has been a significant increase in landfill cost already this year and a likelihood of more price increases as time goes on.

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