New technologies to boost younger members

me-hub-app-login-screenMaster Electricians (ME) Hub app is an innovative tool for members, which helps them to record their testing results, manage health and safety risks, and complete Certificates of Compliance and ESCs while on the job.

“A lot of our members are approaching retirement age so it is critical we appeal to younger business owners. One way we are doing this is through the introduction of the ME Hub app, and other means of digital communication,” says Master Electricians CEO, Neville Simpson.

“We have a Marketing Advisor who specialises in social media and digital communication, enabling us to engage more effectively with younger members, and the public who prefer to search online when looking for an electrician.”

The ME Hub app is a powerful tool that streamlines a range of tasks for Master Electricians. User profiles for workers are quickly uploaded into the ME Hub website enabling them to immediately start using the app out on the work site.

Information about jobs and customers is easily recorded, and electricians can buy certificate credits to create COCs, ESCs, or combined COC/ESCs from the app.

“Test results can also be recorded with all documentation and certificates are able to be emailed directly from the app. Those with administrator profiles have the ability to send instant notifications to all app users.”

Mr Simpson says the ME Hub app is particularly beneficial when it comes to managing workplace health and safety.

“As an inherently dangerous industry, we need to be on top of our game when it comes to health and safety. The ME Hub app allows users to record any health and safety risks on a job site, along with safety meetings and evidence of their workplace health and safety activities.”

This year Master Electricians has introduced three new regional managers to the organisation, who have been visiting members ‘face to face’ to demonstrate the app.

The regional managers have also being discussing the new Workplace Health and Safety Management Programme developed by Master Electricians for members, which is free for them to download and use.

“We’ve had contractors on our team for the last three years working on this project, so it’s great to have it finally implemented,” says Mr Simpson.

Master Electricians has been running workshops around New Zealand to educate members on their requirements under the new health and safety legislation, and to provide information about the new WHS management programme, which can be adapted to their individual needs.

“There is no one glove fits all approach when it comes to health and safety. Business owners must be able to demonstrate that they have an effective health and safety programme in place, with full participation by staff.

The Master Electricians ‘Up to Speed Guide’ shows members how to put their own WHS Management System together using the Association’s template.”

Master Electricians provides additional training for members, including an online calculator to understand the cost of running a business. It also runs EcoSmart training and accreditation for members.

EcoSmart Electricians can provide householders and business owners with advice on the best and simplest ways to reduce electricity consumption, resulting in a reduced energy spend.

They provide electrical energy assessments, suggest the most appropriate energy efficient technologies that best suit the clients’ home or business and budget, and give advice on big ticket items such as a new heating or solar generation units, says Mr Simpson.

“The EcoSmart training is carried out online and can offer Master Electricians a real point of difference in the market, especially with the growing trend towards energy efficiency and sustainability.”

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