New TYCO® ESFR-34 Sprinkler provides industry’s tallest ceiling-only warehouse protection with added flexibility

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Early-suppression, fast-response sprinkler gives facilities design flexibility for increased storage

MILWAUKEE – (June 2, 2020) – Johnson Controls today announces the release of the new TYCO® Model ESFR-34 Pendent Sprinkler (TY9286). This early suppression, fast response sprinkler provides the tallest ceiling-only fire protection and narrowest aisle width currently available. The ESFR-34 sprinkler helps protect storage arrangements of 50 feet (15,2 m) with a ceiling height up to 55 feet (16,8 m) and aisle widths as narrow as six feet (1,8 m). It can be installed with a maximum element-to-ceiling distance of 17 inches (432 mm), the farthest distance in the industry. These features make the ESFR-34 Pendent Sprinkler suitable for warehouse and storage operations seeking design flexibility for increased storage.

“With today’s consumers increasingly turning towards e-commerce, the storage and warehousing industry is being reshaped through increased demand of an ever-changing set of products,” said Lucas Eidenmuller, global product manager, Storage Sprinklers, Johnson Controls. “These expanding facilities require proper fire protection that helps them adapt to the needs of the business while keeping products and property safe at all times. This sprinkler provides an innovative solution to that problem.”

With a nominal K-Factor of 33.6, the ESFR-34 sprinkler is especially advantageous as a means of eliminating the use of an in-rack sprinkler system when protecting high-piled storage. The sprinkler uses a fast-response fusible link available in both 165°F (74°C) and 212°F (100°C) and is approved for Class I-IV commodities and cartoned unexpanded plastics stored in single or double row racks.

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TYCO® Model ESFR-34 Pendent Sprinkler


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