FloorNZ – The Trade Association for the Flooring Industry


FloorNZ is the trade association for the flooring industry.  We have two main functions – membership services and training for the industry.

Unlike other trade associations FloorNZ is also the owner of a Private Training Establishment, the Allied Trades Institute, which is approved by NZQA to run national qualifications for the industry.  We work in partnership with the BCITO to provide training for flooring apprentices across the installation sectors and also provide basic product training for people working in the flooring retail sector.

FloorNZ has recognised the projected labour shortage in the installation sectors and is intending to try and attract more people into the industry by providing pre-apprenticeship training for those interested in joining the industry.  This will be provided by the Allied Trades Institute and would be available to school leavers, second chance learners and people wishing to change job roles.  The training would consist of some classroom learning and job placement so that learners would get to try their hand on-job in a real work environment.  It is estimated the course would take about six months to complete which will give learners plenty of work experience to determine whether the industry is for them and they will receive a nationally recognised qualification upon completion.

FloorNZ has also recognised that consistent installation quality is a problem for the industry.  While there is a percentage of the installation market that are qualified with a trade or NZQA recognised qualification in flooring installation there is also a number of installers that are not qualified.  To help address this issue the flooring industry, through FloorNZ, will be implementing a Licensed Flooring Practitioner programme.  The programme will require trades people to prove their competency through an assessment system to enter the programme and receive their license.  Once they have met the competency requirements they will be required to complete a series of continuing professional development requirements to show they have maintained their competency level.  The licensing period will be current for three years during which the continuing professional development requirements can be achieved.   This programme is supported by manufacturers, suppliers and retailers and support will also be sought from MBIE and the Government contracts agency to ensure that only licensed installers are sought for Government work.  To ensure we provide a high quality of professional work in the industry it is vital we show that we have consistent competency standards in installation methods and techniques.

FloorNZ also provides a range of non-training services to our members.  We act as an advocate for the industry and are involved, through our membership of Business NZ, in commenting on both general and specific issues that affect our members.  We are involved with BRANZ and provide advice and comment on issues affecting the AS/NZS installation standards the industry work to.  We work closely with the manufacturers, suppliers and retailers to gain consistency on manufacturer’s guidelines and provide information on best practice methods and techniques for industry products.  To assist our members to comply with the changes to the Health and Safety at Work Act we have produced a health and safety manual that members, and non-members, can purchase that covers the policies, procedures and documents that a flooring business will need to meet the requirements of the Act.

The FloorNZ website provides opportunities for members to use our continuing professional development library to access webinars on general business skills or to enrol for specific business skills training.  This enables FloorNZ members to access a range of materials designed to make a business successful along with the technical skills to provide a professional job.

If you wish to find out more about FloorNZ or about the FloorNZ initiatives listed above, you can visit our website on www.floornz.org.nz or contact us at info@floornz.org.nz.

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