Electric trucks send industry shockwaves

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Low-emission transport solutions. With climate change and sustainability modern hot topics, it is no surprise that heavy vehicle fleets are starting to transition to either battery electric or hydrogen vehicles. They’re set to play a major role in the search for reduced emissions.

Fonterra is one major company that has already committed to changes, with plans to replace its light-vehicle fleet with EVs by the end of 2023 announced. The Volvo FL Electric plug-in truck is to be trialled for six months by Fonterra.

Wellington City Council is preparing to roll out a new network to monitor and collect data transport for decision making, on the likes of travel paths and speeds, and how different types of transport interact on our roads.

“As the city grows, use of space and transport become more vital to the liveability of Wellington, this kind of information is invaluable valuable for planning and designing our future,” mayor Tory Whanau says.

The data will be used by council groups including those on transport and infrastructure. As such, movement for heavy haulage fleets not only spans the electric shift, but also how these vehicles coexist with other modes of transport.

Auckland Transport showcased West Auckland’s first electric bus depot at New Lynn in September 2023, speaking to these electrifying changes in the transport world.

In future, heavy haulage fleets are sure to evolve to produce lower emission levels while also having clearer and safer routes in place. Prioritising heavy haulage fleets will be key as the transport sector continues to experience serious change. See https://www.stuff.co.nz/motoring/130756169/electric-trucks-are-coming-fonterra-and-volvo-debut-new-ev for a look into the new world of electric heavy haulage. Visit https://transporttalk.co.nz for more.


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