A message from the Secretary of the Waterproofing Membrane Association of New Zealand


Currently, I hold the position of Secretary of the Waterproofing Membrane Association of New Zealand- Mark Rayner


I retired three years ago having spent the last 37 years marketing waterproofing in the NZ Building industry.

I joined the industry with Shelter Engineering, a Dunlop NZ Company, in 1979. This company specialised in waterproofing and water containment using the butyl-based sheet membrane trade marked Butynol. I serviced markets in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and the Pacific Islands including Papua New Guinea.

I was fortunately involved with the building of the Parliament Buildings at Waigani in Port Moresby. The wide Butynol gutters were used as walkways to move materials to the rest of the roof during construction.

Following the sale of Dunlop Interests to the German Company ARDEX in 2002 I took over the whole of the New Zealand Marketing Division for the group. ARDEX bought liquid membranes to the Company and then to the New Zealand building market. The Superflex Brand being a highly successful commodity item for the New Zealand Ardex Team.

I joined the Waterproofing Membrane Association as an inaugural member sponsored by ARDEX until my retirement in 2017. I was asked to take up the permanent position of Secretary rather than leave the Association after 14 years of service.

I have vast experience in the use of butyl, TPO and Bitumen-based sheet membranes as well as liquid applied under tile Membranes. I find a great deal of satisfaction in being able to contribute to the Codes of Practice the Association is putting together. Recognition of our success in this regard is the acceptance of these codes by MBIE and the inclusion of the Wet Area Code into the New Zealand Building Code.