Planning with the professionals

The team at Survus Consultants  are surveyors, planners and engineers with all the necessary expertise to advise on the specialist issue of subdivisions.

What exactly is a subdivision? “It’s the term for splitting a piece of land into individual lots,” says Craig Hurford, survey manager at Survus Consultants.

“Subdivisions can be as basic as a residential two-lot in-fill development where homeowners chop off part of their backyard to downsize their property. Or it can be as complex as a totally new multi-lot development and we have seen quite a number of these in Christchurch since the earthquakes,” he says.

“There can also be rural lifestyle developments and high country subdivisions, so the range is very diverse.

“Big developments require new roads and services like sewers, storm water, power and telecommunications. Avery basic subdivision, on the other hand, may have only minor servicing requirements.”

No matter the size of the subdivision or its location – in the city or in the country – Survus Consultants have a clear message.

“Come and see us early in the piece when you are thinking about a subdivision project. We’ve been involved with subdivisions since 1957, so I think we can say we are pretty knowledgeable about what’s required and what the potential pitfalls and issues may be.

“We can present all the options for a particular piece of land and help clients optimise their property, while keeping in mind the importance of good sustainable development.”

Every subdivision is unique. No one size process fits all, often because of the criteria specified in the relevant local authority’s district plan.

“Under the Resource Management Act each authority developed its own plan with different subdivision rules. We have the expertise to translate these criteria on a case by case basis.

“A layperson can’t be expected to know these tricks of the trade and it’s easy to make costly mistakes. There might be other requirements as well – a HAIL (Hazardous Activities and Industries List) Report for instance, or geo-technical and engineering reports. All of these can affect the cost of the proposed subdivision or the length of time it will take to complete.”

Survus offer a free onsite consultation and fee proposal for subdivisions anywhere in Canterbury.

They can work through the project from beginning to end starting with the block of land, applying for all the necessary consents, handling the land transfer processes and project managing the development until the subdivision is complete.

“It’s our job to make the whole process smoother.”


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