Prendos achieves Toitū carbonreduce certification

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Prendos, a full-service property and construction consultancy, has achieved Toitū carbonreduce certification.

Fiona Gavriel, chief executive at Prendos, says the certification is reflective of the company’s desire to lead the way towards a more sustainable future for the construction and property industry, which is known to be one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions in New Zealand.

“As one of the top property consultancies in the country, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to influence positive change in our sector. But to do that we need to demonstrate our own commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, and our Toitū certification is proof of that,” she says.

Gavriel believes the construction industry can expect a paradigm shift over the next few years, as sustainability increasingly influences government policy and regulation.

“Greenstar certification is now a requirement for all government projects, Kainga Ora has mandated Homestar and is trialling Passive House programmes for new builds, MBIE is signalling a requirement for life cycle carbon analysis for all building consents within the next couple of years, and there’s also the mandatory climate-related disclosures legislation which will affect many of our clients in relation
to their property transactions.”

She predicts there will be a greater expectation from clients to deliver the services and expertise they need as part of a low carbon future in the construction and property industries – an area where Prendos is already ahead of the curve.

“We strive to embed sustainability as ‘the new norm’ by implementing best practice design and processes that reduce environmental impact.
“Our experts advocate for solutions that increase energy efficiency, reduce life-cycle carbon use, cleverly use and re-use resources, and prioritise the health, safety and wellbeing of the people who build and use buildings.”

Toitū carbonreduce certification means Prendos’ greenhouse gas emissions have been verified in line with ISO 14064-3:2019, and the company is committed to managing and reducing its emissions.

Prendos’ emissions for 2022 – the company’s baseline year – were 229.45 tCO₂e, with the greatest contributors to emissions being vehicle and air travel, followed by electricity use, and emissions from waste.

To achieve its reduction targets, Prendos is focusing on changing staff behaviours to increase efficiency in the office, encouraging more sustainable ways to commute to work, using technology to reduce the need for physical travel, reducing paper use and improving recycling efforts.

“The process of becoming certified has been a positive first step in our journey. From here we can get down to the real business of making changes that will contribute to a lower carbon future for our company, our industry and this beautiful planet that we all inhabit,” Gavriel says.



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