A safe, eco-friendly alternative to ladders


In the past, when looking for alternatives to ladders for low level access jobs, the only option was mains or battery powered access equipment. Now, JLG’s EcoLifts represent a third option. They combine the efficiency and safety of these electric units with the convenience of ladders.


According to Safe Work Australia, every year an average of 29 Australians die as a result of workplace falls. Of these fatalities, half involve falls from heights of three metres or less; and 16 per cent involve falls from ladders (which is the highest cause of fall-related deaths).

The use of low-level access equipment – compact, simple, lightweight elevated powered platforms, which are to serve a working height of below 4.5 m – is one effective way to address this serious safety issue.

With their secure, flat trays and added features like safety gates and non-slip surfaces, these are proven as safe alternatives to ladders for internal applications like mechanical and electrical, heating and ventilation, refit, facilities maintenance, finishing trades and retail re-fits.

Often however, while they improve safety and efficiency, these units present facilities managers and occupants with a whole new set of requirements. Because they are generally mains operated, battery operated, or hydraulic, they require oil, battery changes, access to mains power and so forth.

These requirements cause unnecessary inconvenience, particularly when working indoors in places like offices, schools, shopping centres and hospitals.

The EcoLift alternative

However, there is another option. JLG’s EcoLift Series combine the safety and efficiency of conventional access lifts with the convenience and environmentally friendliness of ladders.

This is possible because, unlike anything else on the market, they feature a patented stored-power lift/lower system and therefore require no on-site power. All the power needed for their operation is generated by the operator through a simple-to-use hand lever.

This not only does away with the need for power leads, wires and harnesses, but also means the access lifts have no need for batteries or hydraulics. With EcoLifts in operation, ‘dead battery’ calls and replacements become a thing of the past, the need for battery maintenance is eliminated and operational time is maximised.

Plus, the absence of any hydraulic system translates into no hoses, no leak points and no refills which, in turn, results in lower environmental impact.

EcoLifts deliver clean, green operation. They have low maintenance requirements, run at a low total operating cost and offer the potential for 24/7 use.

Available in two models

EcoLift are available in two models, the EcoLift 50 and the EcoLift 70. Manufactured from construction-grade materials, both include a rust-free aluminium platform with a rated capacity of 150 kg, a robust steel mast and a sturdy base with non-marking automatic locking wheels for greater confidence while working with both hands. In addition, both feature a diamond tread platform, a tool tray and a self-closing saloon gate.

The EcoLift 50 is the smaller of the two models. Weighing 180 kg, it has a maximum platform height of 1.50 m, a working height of 3.50 m and platform dimensions of 0.70 m x 0.60 m.

The larger EcoLift 70 weighs 305 kg and its platform measures 0.85 m x 0.65 m. It has a maximum platform height of 2.20 m and a working height of 4.20 m.

Measuring around 0.7 m in width and featuring caster wheels, the access lifts fit through standard doorways and are easy to maneuver around most workplaces. When not in operational mode, the  EcoLift 50 has a stowed width of 0.7 m and a stowed height of 1.55m, while the EcoLift 70 has a stowed length of 1.28 m, stowed width of 0.76 m and stowed height of 1.94 m – which means they can be easily stored out of the way when not in use.

EcoLifts are ideal for use in hospitals, schools, aged care facilities and hazardous environments. They are suitable for a range of applications including commercial and residential painting, facility maintenance, displays and decorating, HVAC maintenance, renovations and remodelling, plant maintenance, equipment installation and more.

The productivity and safety benefits that EcoLifts deliver make them an ideal low-level access option for facility managers and end-users alike. What’s more, with their robust construction and simple operation, they are ideal for the rental market.

Quiet, simple and safe to use, EcoLifts are the way of the future. They improve efficiency, deliver low total cost of operation and set the standard for eco-friendly access equipment.

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