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Building a sustainable and resilient future with precast concrete

Concretec NZ are leaders in Auckland’s precast concrete industry for their innovative and sustainable construction solutions. You need look no further than Concretec NZ for expert service and quality concrete. Their extensive range of precast concrete products have helped over 850 construction projects come to life.

Concretec have cemented themselves as a leading manufacturer of precast concrete, underpinned by a sustainable and innovative business ethos. An industry leader that you can trust, Concretec operate to ISO 9001 quality standards and are a certified supplier under the Concrete New Zealand Precast Sector accreditation system.

Based in South Auckland within 40 minutes of Auckland’s CBD, Concretec New Zealand is one of the North Island’s largest suppliers of precast concrete. Their Pokeno site is perfectly positioned to facilitate projects across the greater Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and Northland regions.

Concretec always go the extra mile to offer unmatched precast concrete services, having competitively completed projects reaching as far as Rodney and Coromandel. Concretec are typically involved with the most prestigious construction projects in greater Auckland, but are equally as comfortable with smaller, one-off projects.

Concretec started building strong foundations with their inception in 2005. Since then, the company has grown rapidly to become a major player in New Zealand’s construction industry with over 150 employees and contractors on their purposebuilt Pokeno site.

Concretec NZ’s management team have decades of collective building industry experience, bringing together their production, project management, concrete product construction, and draughting skills. Their exceptional head office and production team work tirelessly across three specialist factories.

The last few years have seen Concretec embrace sustainable manufacturing practices and reduce their carbon footprint. Their Pokeno site has a light environmental and services footprint and is self-sufficient in water supply and sewage treatment. 2020 saw Concretec adopt a 102kW solar array, becoming 70 percent self-sufficient in electricity supply.

2021 saw Concretec introduce carbon footprint reducing methods by way of their concrete products, with, new low carbon concretes using supplementary cementitious materials such as natural pozzolans and slag, which is a bi-product of the steel industry.

As cement is the highest carbon component of concrete, any reduction of cement reduces the overall carbon footprint of concrete.

Their strong focus on continuous improvement continues to drive quality systems to higher levels of detail to improve performance over time. By embracing the continuous improvement philosophy, Concretec is always ahead of the game. In 2020 Concretec established a purpose-built, on-site reinforcing cut and bend processing business. This is seamlessly integrated into Concretec’s existing supply chain, reducing critical lead times and improving their ability to raise quality standards once more.

As a New Zealand owned and operated business, Concretec takes pride in its local roots and understands the unique challenges and requirements of the nation’s construction market.

Then, in 2021, Concretec built a dedicated factory for offsite finishing. The factory has 2250m2 of covered area and 1800m2 of non-covered area for finished product. This is where the window openings are waterproofed, the window suites are installed and paint/stain gets applied.

The panels are then stored ready to be transferred to the site. As the panels are completely finished, this means there is no need for scaffolding on-site and reduces the likelihood of subtrades getting in the way of each other, making the site more efficient.

Precast concrete products have so many advantages. Precast is extremely durable and resilient to whatever weather is thrown at it. Especially now with the changing climate. Precast is fire resistent and of course noise proof.

Gone are the days of liminal, grey concrete structures too – precast provides you countless aesthetic options by way of shape, colour, aggregate, and finish. With a little creative flair, precast concrete offers looks and strength. Precast concrete can withstand years of wear and tear yet remain as strong as the day it was made. Concretec – masters of precast concrete – would love to make your vision come to life, so please don’t hesitate to come and see us.

As a New Zealand owned and operated business, Concretec takes pride in its local roots and understands the unique challenges and requirements of the nation’s construction market. Concretec have built a solid reputation for delivering durable, reliable, and innovative precast concrete products to various sectors, including residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects.

Concretec works closely with architects, engineers, contractors, and developers to give tailored solutions to clients. They continue to contribute to the growth and development of the construction industry within greater Auckland, and the rest of the North Island.

Visit or call their main office at 09 275 9906 to get in touch. For more information, visit Concretec’s Pokeno site is at 587 Ridge Road, Pokeno, New Zealand.



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