Powerfully Electrifying Snorkel SL30RTE

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A new line of electric-powered Snorkel Speed Levels is electrifying the work-at-height industry.

Market research conducted by Snorkel shows a gradual decline in demand for diesel machines due to increasing regulations on noise and emissions. The lithium-ion electric Snorkel SL26RTE and SL30RTE models lead the way with a forwarding-looking solution that delivers.

Initially previewed at Bauma 2019, the Snorkel SL26RTE and SL30RTE electric Speed Levels are battery-powered for highly efficient and lasting performance.

Modeled after the original diesel SL26SL and SL30SL Speed Levels, the new electric version offers similar rough terrain performance with zero emission.

The original diesel powered Speed Levels were designed as a sigma style lift with a floating axle. Once the platform reaches 2m (6 ft.) in height, an auto-leveling system could be used to straighten the boom to level the platform. They can also be driven at full height on slopes without outriggers.

Snorkel is the first manufacturer to design a fully electric sigma lift that is powered entirely by lithium-ion batteries. Lithium energy replaces the engine of the original Speed Level and provides quiet and maintenance-free operation on the job.

These lithium batteries also offer reduced maintenance and longer life cycles than lead-acid batteries.

Snorkel has signed a supply agreement with Hyperdrive Innovation, a Sunderland, UK-based developer and manufacturer of lithium-ion battery technology for electric vehicles and energy storage systems, and has developed a built-in battery management system (BMS), and an integrated electric powertrain for the electric Speed Level models.

Each battery is 5.75kWh (333AH) and delivers a long duty cycle. These lithium-ion batteries can be fully charged in less than six hours and require zero maintenance for a low total cost of ownership. Depending on the application, both units will perform on a typical 8-hour shift without needing to recharge on a standard two-battery system.

Compared to lead-acid batteries, which have been a long-standing industry standard, lithium-ion batteries deliver higher energy density and efficiency. This allows for higher torque and higher speeds for powerful 4×4 drive over rough terrain.

The Speed Level is also packed with a maximum stowed drive speed of 5.4km/h (3.4 mph) and can be driven up to 0.8km/h (0.5 mph) at full height.

Electric power also complies with regulations on noise and emission for clean and quiet performance on jobsites. The lithium electric models emit up to 60 percent less noise than the diesel equivalent. The RTE series can also be operated between -25° and 60° Celsius (-13° and 140° Fahrenheit) for versatile performance.

All four Snorkel Speed Levels in the family share a common chassis. The SL26SL and SL30SL were rebranded at the start of 2020 to the SL26RT and SL30RT for model name consistency with the new RTE models.

Like the SL26SL, the SL26RTE has a maximum working height of 10.0m (31 ft. 6 in.) with 680kg (1,500 lbs.) platform capacity and a 0.91m (3 ft.) roll-out deck extension. Equipped with a 0.91m (3 ft.) rollout deck extension, the SL26RTE features a 1.72m x 4.6m (5 ft. 8 in. x 15 ft.) platform, when extended, able to lift up to five people with tools.

Both the SL30SL and SL30RTE have a

maximum working height of 11.0m (35 ft. 4 in.). The slightly larger SL30RTE model has a spacious, high grip aluminum deck at 1.72m x 4.23m (5 ft. 8 in. x 13 ft. 11 in.). With a safe load capacity up to 590kg (1,300 lbs.), the SL30RTE can also lift five people with tools.

Tougher than the roughest jobsite, these agile lifts easily climb gradients up to 50 percent for work at height on sloped ground.

The first design of its kind, automatic selfleveling capabilities without outriggers offer superior stability.

Its platform can level up to 13° from sidetoside and up to 9° from front-to-back that allows operators to stand up straight on compound slopes. In addition, a digital proportional joystick provides improved operator control over diesel models.

Suitable for most terrains, the SL26RTE and SL30RTE can be used for a range of applications including facilities maintenance both indoors and outdoors, such as tunnels.

Snorkel offers the option of extending the duty cycle and driving range by adding up to two additional lithium battery packs, for a total of four. Expanding to a maximum of four lithium-ion batteries can improve the machine’s operating times and battery life by up to 120 percent.

In the optional Tunnel Package for tunnel work, the Speed Level is also equipped with work lights and driving lights, as well as the Extra Range option for two additional lithium-ion batteries.

Under Snorkel’s warranty for the lithiumion batteries, the main system batteries are covered under the two-year/2,000 charging cycles machine warranty, whichever comes first. Snorkel will also recycle used batteries at the end of its life as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to keeping a low environmental impact and reducing waste.

The Snorkel SL26RTE and SL30RTE entered full production in the UK in October 2019.

Manufactured exclusively at the Vigo Centre at Washington, Tyne & Wear in the UK, the SL26RTE and SL30RTE are sold and distributed globally.



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