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With the growing use of structural steels it is understandable that misconceptions might arise about different types of certification, the role of product certification in particular, and comparative acceptability of steel and steelwork certified by different schemes applicable to structural steelwork construction.

That’s more than 60 years’ servicing the industry through all the challenges those decades have brought.

Metalcraft Roofing has established a reputation for manufacturing high quality roll formed products and are members of the Roofing Association, New Zealand and the NZ Metal Roofing Manufacturers Incorporated.

Metalcraft Roofing has 12 branches nationwide – these are geographically positioned from Cromwell to Whangarei allowing Metalcraft to service local regions from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

The greater Auckland region can now benefit from twice the manufacturing capacity for the popular Corrugate and MC760 (trapezoidal) profiles.

These profiles are available from Metalcraft Roofing’s East Tamaki branch, and since recently, also available from Metalcraft Roofing’s new Hobsonville branch, which introduced manufacturing capabilities when it relocated from its previous Glenfield location.

Metalcraft Roofing also operates two structural manufacturing plants, which share production sites with the Metalcraft Roofing branches at Auckland and Christchurch.

These branches manufacture and supply a wide selection of purlins, girts, tophats, and they can also offer Z-purlins to the construction markets throughout New Zealand.

Metalcraft Roofing’s sister company – Metalcraft Insulated Panels – specialises in the manufacture and supply of insulated panels.

Metecnopanel® and Metecnospan® use a PIR core which has FM certification: Class 1 4880 and 4881 Unlimited Height.

Metecno® products are imported via Metalcraft Insulated Panels, sister company in Brisbane, who is the FM Approved product owner. All products are backed by solid warranties.

The range of insulated panels, supplied by Metalcraft Insulated Panels, is used in a variety of applications from industrial and commercial coolstore to agricultural and architectural buildings and more recently education and residential.

Both Metalcraft Roofing and Metalcraft Insulated Panels are part of United Industries Limited.

United Industries is heavily involved in providing materials and services to the New Zealand construction market through its group companies. For more information on United Industries, please visit:

Metalcraft Roofing’s wide selection of roofing and rainwater systems are manufactured from New Zealand Steel and designed for the conditions we live and work in.

COLORSTEEL® is a robust, time-tested product that has been keeping Kiwis safe, warm and dry for more than 35 years.

COLORSTEEL® consists of a ZINCALUME® steel substrate to which a pre-painted finish system is applied.

This system offers additional corrosion resistance while providing a range of colours to complement any project. COLORSTEEL® Endura® is ideal for many applications, while COLORSTEEL® Maxx® is specifically developed to withstand higher atmospheric salt concentrations and is incredibly resistant to corrosion.

Metalcraft Roofing’s wide selection of products are available in Galvsteel®, Zincalume®, COLORSTEEL® Endura® and COLORSTEEL® Maxx®.

Recent product developments have seen the introduction of Metalcraft’s popular Kāhu® profile to the North Island.

Previously, Kāhu® was manufactured in Christchurch only and was available nationwide. Since Metalcraft Roofing’s Hamilton branch relocated to a larger and newer facility in 2019, it has also taken up manufacturing Kāhu®, meaning supply to the North Island is easier.

Kāhu® is a symmetrical roofing and cladding profile that will add elegance, extra strength and style to any residential or commercial project. Designed for roofs to three degrees minimum pitch and as horizontal or vertical wall cladding. Manufactured in Hamilton and Christchurch, and available nationwide.

Other product developments

Metcom 965, which has been specifically developed for the perfect balance of aesthetics and performance.

The wide cover width optimises efficiencies onsite for large commercial projects. Metcom 965 has the additional option of having the profile pan manufactured with or without “swages”, this provides for extra versatility when laid as a wall cladding, or for residential and commercial applications, where a more stylish appearance is required. Manufactured in Hamilton and Christchurch, and available nationwide.

Metdek 855 is a revolution in roll forming! The plant is mobile and sheets can be run onsite to any length. This is a great advantage for very large commercial projects where there is sufficient space onsite as it eliminates the additional costs associated with freight.

Metdek 855 freely expands and contracts as it uses concealed fixing lugs and also offers superior weather performance. Metdek 855 combines the clean lines of a concealed fixing system with the spanning capabilities of the commercial pierce fixed trapezoidal profiles.

Espan® eliminates the need for an oftenexpensive substrate. It has a unique clip system that allows for concealed fixings and has high ribs that creates beautiful shadow lines.

Espan® is available in two widths: 340mm and 470mm. The Espan® roofing simply locks onto the clip and allows for superior weather performance as it eliminates the need for fixing penetrations through the pan.

Espan® 470 can accommodate either PV solar laminates or clip on solar panels. Espan® 340 can accommodate clip on solar panels and allows for optimum solar energy generation and Metalcraft has a well-established, nationwide PV solar supply and installation service and can provide a competitive solution for domestic, commercial or off-grid requirement you need. Metalcraft is also a corporate member of SEANZ.

For more information on Metalcraft’s wide range of product offerings or to contact a local branch go to:

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