Buy your timber joinery with confidence

master-joinersDeciding on your new timber joinery, whether for a new or existing home, is a complex decision.

Timber joinery is timeless in appearance and will suit modern architectural or traditional building methods.

But not all timber joinery is created equal. There is quality timber joinery and there is cheap timber joinery, but there is no cheap, quality timber joinery.

So choosing the supplier of your new timber joinery is very important.

Registered Master Joiners provide full consultation and design services for all joinery needs and work closely with other design professionals to ensure that the finished product looks and functions at its best.

Exterior and interior joinery are premium products, which require a level of protection to enhance the properties of the products. It is therefore important that you take your time in selecting who designs, manufactures and advises on care and maintenance.

Registered Master Joiners bring innovation to the joinery industry. They encourage competition and the pursuit of excellence between and from its members, their employees and apprentices.

The annual Master Joiner Awards promote excellence in design and joinery craftsmanship, encourage use of sustainable timber and best practice, and showcase the finest work from the industry.

Whether renovating or rebuilding, don’t take a gamble with a major investment in your home – the best kitchens and cabinetry don’t just happen. It makes sense to consult a professional for the planning, manufacture and installation in your home.

Environmentally, timber joinery is manufactured from a renewable resource, is low in energy to produce and has thermal insulation qualities better than alternative products.

JMF NZ LTD was formed as a partnership between Registered Master Joiners and McNaughton Windows and Doors to undertake a rigorous weather tightness testing programme with a number of profiles of Windows and Doors. JMF NZ LTD now have a Website showing a range of products that have been tested and comply.

The system can only be manufactured by Joiners that are affiliated to Registered Master Joiners and who are authorised to manufacture. There is a list of authorised manufacturers available from a link from or on the JMF NZ LTD website

Members of the group are also able to provide assistance to building consent authorities, specifiers and architects that specify or use these products, by providing drawings, specifications and installation instructions. Specifying authorities can register for detailed information, drawings etc at no cost, here

Masterspec have released a new section covering the range, entitled 4511JF JMF EXTERIOR TIMBER WINDOWS AND DOORS available in Standard and Basic.

To find a Registered Master Joiner in your area, check out the website or email

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