Keeping members informed

This tiny seedling is where the timber journey begins.

This tiny seedling is where the timber journey begins.

Regular communication with its members around legislative changes is one of the key roles of the Frame and Truss Manufacturers’ Association, says chairman Robert Grimmer.

“The vast majority of our members are small operators, with anywhere from five to 20 staff. They are not always in a position, or have the time to investigate and understand the implications of legislative changes on their businesses.”

Robert says many of the legislative changes are “hugely complex” and open to different interpretations, which adds to the challenge.

“We aim to make it easier for our members by doing the investigating for them, and providing clear direction as to what any changes mean for them.”

Email newsletters, with “short sharp bullet points” are sent to FTMA members once or twice a month to keep them in touch with the latest news.

“We send out a comprehensive newsletter every three months to expand on and provide background to some of the topics we cover in the short newsletters, and provide lots of links to our website where they can seek additional information.”

With its members spread right across the country, the annual AGM, usually held in mid to late September, is the only opportunity for a large group to catch up.

“This is normally held in Auckland as it is where many of our executive is based. It is easier from a logistics and cost perspective.”

FTMA also has a membership services officer, who visits all members two to three times a year.

“We do hold some executive meetings outside Auckland, when we invite both members and non-members to discuss the latest industry news and challenges.”

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